Friday, July 29

Pink party ideas/inspiration

Hope everyone had a great week! ... when a theme is hard to come by, fall back on just a color (or 3!).  If you use only 1 color - ensure that you do many variations of the color to ensure the party doesn't look too flat.  Another trick to using only one color - make sure there is tons of different textures and patterns! ... here are a few ideas to inspire you next Pink event!

Here's a great example of using different variations of the same color... Source

Make a super sweet wreath... Source and tutorial
Look for unique ways to incorporate your color... this is not only super clever, but also beautiful! Source

Little details go a long way! Slice of pink paper with adhered pearls - super cute! Source


Wednesday, July 27

Craft/Sewing Party Ideas/Inspiration

I am so glad to see sewing theme parties on the rise! Here is older, but still fresh!, Frosting for sewing themes here. are a few more!

Use embroidery hoops with fabric make a great backdrop for your party! Source could use the hoops with chalkboard paint as well! Source

Use simple craft letters and wrap in yarn! Spell out initials, name or something fun like "sew" or "craft".  Source and tutorial

Add some drizzles of chocolate to your cake balls... not only will they look like yarn balls - but it will cover up any imperfections ;o) Source

...another pop idea... these spools of thread! Source and tutorial found via maddycakemuse


Tuesday, July 26

Ladybug party ideas/inspiration

Ladybug themed parties are a great warm weather girl party! Or mix them in with a garden theme! Don't forget about these older, but still fresh!, Frosting for a ladybug theme here!

What a perfect garden setup! I love the use of tools and how fun are the ladybugs on the wall! Source

I love the idea of fake grass on your tables and these little ladybug lunch boxes are such a great idea! Source

Serve up split cherry tomatoes and an olive on a cracker for a super cute appetizer! Source and tutorial

The most creative chocolate colored pretzels I have ever seen! Source


Monday, July 25

Miscellaneous Monday!

Here's a pile dump of ideas that aren't just one category - stash them away for your next event!

Printing on burlap! This is SO up my alley! Think of the possibilities! Source and tutorial

...what a clever, cost tip - use plumber foam wraps to create a base for a wreath! Source and tutorial

I have this giant cupcake pan and haven't used it yet - but this pic is really inspiring me! This would be a darling alternative to a cake for a special occasion! Source

I love this idea! Photo collages are always great for any event - especially anniversaries and older birthdays where you can let your guests reminisce about the years that have passed - you can do in a number or letter shape - or switch it up, do a flower or something that fits with your theme! Source


Saturday, July 23

Shopping Saturday!

Whew, another scorcher here - over 100 degrees! ...but I went shopping anyway *giggle* Here are my local finds (at national chains)that may help you stash away for your next event! What did you find this week?

Perfect Mickey/Minny party theme items for the restrooms... but you could also remove the tops, spray pain the words off...add a bow or flowers or cakepops, etc

Found: Target
Section: Bath
Price: $3.49

$1 bins strike again! Stash away tons of Dr. Seuss items - including Thing 1 & Thing 2 which are popular especially with twin baby showers!

Found: Target
Section: $1 bins
Price: $1

Alien or Space theme in your future? Stash these items away!

Found: Target
Section: $1
Price: $1

Doing a Video Game party? These Tetris erasers could be fun glued together to create decoration pieces or used as legs for a plastic serving tray - get creative!

Found: Target
Section: Seasonal Dorm aisle
Price: $2.99

I love recommending doing wall decals for parties - they are super fun, inexpensive & removable!!! Clearance - Clouds, StarWars, Phineaus & Ferb and Ben 10

Found: Target
Section: Hardware
Price: $2.49-$5.99

We all love chalkboard ideas! These pre-made chalkboard signs - perfect for so many events.

Found: Michael's Craft
Section: Wedding
Price: $12.99

Picnic themes need ants! well, fake ants! I stumbled on these cute tablecloth ants...

Found: Michael's Craft
Section: Party supplies
Price: $4.99

Not sure why I have missed these before! Plain wooden signs that could be decorated for any occasion!

Found: Michael's Craft
Section: Unfinished
Price: $4.99


Friday, July 22

Watermelon party ideas!

I don't know about where you guys are from but OMG it's been OVER a hundred degrees here and we are melting!!! I thought it might be refreshing to do a post about watermelon ideas!

Use a watermelon and a keg spout to setup a fun drink station! Source

Cut off top half of the watermelon, scoop out and then and fill with fruit salad - I love the extra Frosting touch of cutting off a bit of the rind around the rim! Source and tutorial
How pretty are these watermelon squares?!? They have balsamic in them - not sure if I am too scared for that! how about filling with a little fruit dip! Source

Ok, not REAL watermelon, but cake pops are still IN and these are super clever! Source found via cupcakestakethecake blog

...while we are on just looking like watermelon - this sherbert "pie" would be seriously refreshing right now! Source and recipe


Thursday, July 21

be back tomorrow (Friday!)

UGH! new job - trying to figure out what medical insurance to pick... knee deep in paperwork - no party fun :o( be back tomorrow! Hope you guys are having a great week!!!


Tuesday, July 19

Party dessert ideas/inspiration: Box mix goes chic!

I am sitting here looking at POUNDS of zucchini from the garden and dreeammmmming of zucchini bread and too tired to make some! and talking to a bloggy bff, Sandy from Firefly Confections (check out her sweet shop - she is FANTASTIC! - here) about how to "cheat" at an event when you just run out of time! (hello!?! we are ALL busy women here!!!)... so here are a few ways to FROST your box mixes that will impress even the biggest bakers in your family!

Have brownies ever looked this good?!? Just buy a few boxes of brownie mix - top some with nuts, some with powder sugar, some plain... cut, stack pretty - and tada! Source and recipe (if you don't want to cheat ;o)

Another trick from brownies...use doilies, stencils, cutouts, lace, etc and sift powdered sugar over to create beautiful shapes that will wow your guests... no one will ever guess they were made from a box mix! Source

Whip up some lemon meringue (from mix!) and serve up with a few cookies (from premade dough!) - just use a small circle cookie cutter to "hang" from a spoon handle - so cute! Source and recipe (again, if you are feeling adventurous!)

Chocolate chip cookies never looked so inviting! Refrigerated dough into a fancy container, bake and serve with ice cream! Sign me up! Source and recipe (for non-cheaters!)


Monday, July 18

Harry Potter ideas and inspiration

Started my new job today! WOOT! Feeling a bit worn out - didn't sleep well in anticipation of starting this new chapter so struggling a bit tonight! I am sure I will fall into a new routine in no time. We are hoping to go see the new Harry Potter this coming weekend... and since the world is a buzz with Potter madness... here are a few ideas to Frost your Harry Potter party! Don't forget older, but still fresh!, Frosting for Harry Potter theme here.

How perfect is this setup?! I love all the heights and elements they captured! Source

Label spells throughout the space for unexpected Potter touches! Source

How fun is this idea?!? Great photo booth idea and keepsake to send with your thank you notes! Source

Glue frogs on top of jars as a great favor! Source

Chocolate dipped pretzels become "chocolate wands"! Source and tutorial


Saturday, July 16

Shopping Saturday!

Wedding planning, house projects and getting ready for a new job (Monday - WOOT!) has been taking up all my time! But I got in just a tiny bit of Shopping Saturday for you guys today! 

... here are my local finds, at national chains, that might help you stash away some Frosting for your next event!sorry I have been slacking a bit on shopping ;o)

Little duckling baby shower? These are adorable!

Found: ACMoore
Section: Garden
Price: $20.00

Everyone needs a popcorn maker! How fun is this!? Movie theme or not, this is great! (p.s. get a Big Lots rewards card - free - and get 20% off tomorrow!! woot!)

Found: Big Lots
Section: Center aisle
Price: $100

I used to do ceramics all the time as a kid! Have the kids paint these up at your Car or Ice cream themed parties!

Found: Dollar Tree
Section: Crafts
Price: $1.00

For your Space themed party - hang these planets around the tables or even include one of each of the smaller ones on top of a cupcake if you aren't the decorator type ;o)

Found: Dollar Tree
Section: Teacher
Price: $1.00

For a Skateboard party - these make very inexpensive favors - but just like the planets - put these on top of a cake or around on the table for decorations.

Found: Dollar Tree
Section: Toys
Price: $1.00

...and in case you missed it (hello?! aren't you on my facebook?! heehee) Here are my STEALS!

Found: Pier 1
Section: Clearance
Price: .58 & 2.50!!!
Here's why I didn't get more party shopping in lol... here is MY shopping Saturday buys! New work bag, sunglasses, wedding wine box (read here), new tees, wine and WINE and more wine! and my FAV oatmeal! lol...