Wednesday, July 16

Party is back on!!!

Hey Frosted Family!!! I know it’s been FOREVER! I had to take a step away for a while to handle some overdue “tasks”, as well as, a lot of you know my "real" job is a VP at a large bank, which has been extra busy the past few months. Things are much more together for me now and I can't wait to get back to dreaming about parties with all of you! As of tomorrow, I will be bringing Party Frosting back to the party inspiration place you all know and love! ;o)

So for those that have been loyal followers for a long time (thank you!), I want to bring you up to speed…

My little guy is ONE!! ..can you believe it? my mostest adorablest handsomest!

I have been redoing stuff at the house and working on the yard (little sneak peek) – so much fun!

If all that wasn't enough to occupy me...I have been getting into yoga (sorry no yoga pic available lol) and I have been spending a lot of time thinking about my next steps in education. I already have my Master’s, but researching/considering a Ph.D. – Dr. Kim! ...whew! what an awesome, busy year this is going to be! what have you all been up to!? I can't wait to hear!

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  1. Ann Marie hugs back! Can't wait to finalize a plan for New England! Party Girl roadtrip!!! WOOT!


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