Tuesday, May 1

Kentucky Derby Party Ideas/Inspiration

We are hosting a Kentucky Derby cook-out on Friday at work...doubt I will have energy during the week to pull off anythign too cute to bring, but maybe I'll change my mind ;o)  Figured at the very least, I will wear a really big brimmed hat ;o)

Definitely need to have roses and horses! Pick up some inexpensive horses and surround with roses for a perfect centerpiece! Source and tutorial

Purchase Dollar Store horses, spray paint and add a paper rose!  Source and tutorial

 If you want to go a little more playful... these cookie "horses" are genius! You could stash this one for a Barn party, too! Source and tutorial

You can't have a derby party without fancy hats! These marshmallow and cookie hats would be a great way to end the evening! Source and tutorial

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