Friday, February 12

Last Valetine's

I wasn't going to do another Valentine's post, but I just had too many fun things to share! This will be the Last Valentine's Post for this year (except a recap on Sunday).  Hopefully some of these ideas will add some "frosting" to your Valentine's Day plans!

See how I couldn't hold out till next year!?!  These edible placecards are so adorable! Fast, easy and SO not just for Valentine's day! And you know what would be cool!?! Put a secret message on the name card that is blocked by the holder, when they take it out to eat it they will be surprised by the find! These would also look (and taste!) extra amazing if you dipped the tops in chocolate and sprinkles (life doesn't a lot enough opportunity for sprinkles don't ya think!?!)  Source  found via

I think I am beginning to see that I am a kabob junkie! All food seems better cut into shapes, don't ya think?!? The colors of the watermelon, cantaloupe and honeydew really look sweet together, but don't let that limit you! Bust out the pineapple, apples or any fruit in season! Here they put them on popsicle sticks, which with their rounded corners, makes for much safer eating!  Source

Super fast and simple (can you cut a circle!?!)... felt fortune cookies.  Since felt is just a few cents a sheet, you could make this project for under a dollar - and shoot, we all could use a cheap and easy project! Put this idea aside and just switch out the felt (or paper) to match your event.  Write some fun, sexy or thoughtful sayings inside - just be careful not to mix up which ones you give to who ;o)  Source and directions

Lastly, the most innovative and original idea I have seen this year for Valentine's Day - cherry tomato hearts! I don't know about you, but I hate trying to bite a whole cherry tomato any way! How fun would this be to have out on your Valentine's spread or even to garnish your special someone's plate (the latter you only have to make one! lol)  Source and tutorial  found via