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Tuesday, January 29

Superbowl party ideas & inspiration

We are preparing for a "tailgate" party for work on Thursday - our group is chipping in for pizza, but I thought bringing in McD's burgers instead (same price per serving) would be better... they thought I was a bit crazy. Doesn't burgers say football more than pizza? oh well, thought I would try something different!

If you are planning a football get-together, maybe these ideas will inspire you! Don't forget about older, but still fresh!, Frosting for a football party here (link)

Set up your tables football field style! Use kraft paper (you can find at hardware store in large rolls), white painters tape and number stickers to pull off this easy look! Source: Better Homes and Gardens

Serve up individual snacks in small containers that are easy to grab and snack! Source (buy small containers here - link, Fry holder here - link)

Take ordinary cans and turn them into football servers using paint or craft paper! Source

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Friday, February 3

Football/Superbowl party ideas/inspiration

Anyone doing a Superbowl party? We aren't big football people, but we plan to make some fun food anyway!

Here are some ideas that might inspire you for this weekend or a future football party!

Setup your table with a big goal post and your favorite teams colors. Source

Look close... these are edible!!! Source and tutorial

If you don't have the time to make, put up a chalkboard and draw football patterns as a great backdrop. 

Use tube socks to create fun cozies and astro turf for coasters! Source

Total genius - dye shelled hard boiled eggs (who knew?!) and make football deviled eggs! Source and tutorial

A little frosting turns these chocolate covered almonds! Source and tutorial

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Thursday, August 11

Football party ideas/inspiration

I am not a football fan, but the buzz is everywhere about the season starting! as for me... I am watching HGTV thank you lol...

Here is some inspiration for a Football themed night... don't forget older, but still fresh!, Frosting for a football party here.

Super cute setup - Love the pompoms and the shirt cookies! Source

I love these mini "burgers" and "fries" desserts displayed to look like bleachers - very cute! Source

How fun is this?!? Football cakeball/truffle setup! Would take a lot to pull off but would be a stunning centerpiece! Source
Rice crispy footballs! Source and recipe


Monday, January 31

Superbowl/Football Party Ideas/Inspiration

Truth be known, D and I are only really hockey fans (and I love basketball, too)... but I love a reason to have people over, so I will most likely have a little get together! If your friends are like mine, they just want food and beer - they don't care about the fancy table (gasp!) but if you want to get fancy anyway... here's some ideas!

(don't forget about last year's football "frosting", old but still fresh! - here)

This set up cracks me up! I love the crazy banner! Some fun things to take away - little brown bags for treats are a fun idea to do over and over again! & did you notice the yard line cupcakes? Source

Something my friends would get into... "Hail Mary" bar! Do you see the little Tabasco bottles on the labels!? so cute! Source

Sandwiches in the shape of footballs - simply put cream cheese or mayo in a piping bag and add a little stitching! Source: Family Fun Magazine

A simple touch even the boys won't mind ;o)  Yard line coasters! Adorable and practical, now that's my kind of party item! Source and tutorial

Have you seen these yet? Super easy & cute idea to make your strawberries into footballs! Source


Thursday, February 4

Football (Part 2)

Enjoying the sunshine today before the gloom of snow drama tomorrow! We are preparing our grocery list to go today after work before everyone panics and shows up at the market at the same time! Here is my second installment of Football party ideas...enjoy!

Ok, how dang creative is this!?!?  Twinkies, chips and popcorn, dips and cheese, ta-da! Football stadium! Definitely wins my vote of most creative football food I have seen! Source

I have seen these posted on a lot of blogs - but I couldn't resist including them.  We LOVE deviled eggs but don't seem to ever think to make them during the winter months, so this is a perfect opportunity! Source

My motto is no party is complete without cupcakes! So here are some fun ones! You could top these with the oreo truffles from yesterday! Source

Lastly, a few extra touches... make beer "tags" with different field positions and wrap paper that looks like a football field around the napkins.  Source

Football (Part 1) link

Wednesday, February 3

Football (Part 1)

Well, I am sooo not into Football, but any reason to throw a party is a good enough for me! I am sure all the guys don't appreciate the details, but here are a few cute ideas for us girls to enjoy ;o)  I would love to do a party, but rumor is we are going to get hit with a BIG snow storm this weekend, so looks like I will have to lock myself in the craft room and make something instead!

 These would make great bite-sized sandwiches - sausage with oozing cheese and everyone will enjoy how well they compliment the beer ;o)  Source

YUM! Whoopie pies! This was ingenious - made by using egg shaped muffin pan!  Hmmm... and the shape is inspiring me - maybe you could recycle this one for dinosaur eggs too? Source

Every man (and woman!) loves oreos, so why not crush them up and dip them in chocolate - hello!?!? delicious! I think you could recycle this one for Easter, as well and decorate them as Easter eggs.  Source and instructions