Sunday, February 28

Mickey & Minnie Mouse

You ever have a thousand things to make and can't seem to focus on getting on of them complete?!? That's my weekend so far lol... While I am staring at the mess that is my craft room, I'll post some inspiration for a Mickey and/or Minnie party!  Check out my Facebook post for a simple Oreo Mickey!

I LOVE this set up! So clever and all the primary colors look great! Source

This styrofoam Minnie centerpiece is too darling! You could change the bow (and boa!) and make it Micky or have both!  Source

Simple but fabulous buffet labels! If you don't have a Cricut, the shapes are simple enough to hand cut, so no excuses! ;o)  Source

YUM! Chocolate covered apples! It looks like they used marshmallows for the ears and jelly beans for the "buttons".  Super fun! Source

I love the bold blue of the icing - these Mickey & Minnie ear topped cupcakes would make all the kids smile! Source