Friday, February 19

Mushrooms (for multiple themes)

Mushrooms! (that don't make you feel funny heehee)... I have come across a lot of great Mushroom ideas lately and figured you guys could tuck them away for your themes of woodland, fairy, Alice in Wonderland or Mario Brothers.... so versitile!

Most of us couldn't afford to buy this set, but why not try and convert something into it? Just need a tapered base and a lid and paint it up! This would just be so adorable for one of the themes mentioned above! Source

Another way you could make them is with a tree stump and fabric covered top! Don't be shy non-crafters! Just need a scissors and a staple gun! p.s.... does this little girl not make you smile!?!?  Source

Hard boiled eggs with a slice of cherry tomato - hello!?! Fabulous!  Super cute and easy! Source

Cake pops! These are cake crumbled then mixed with icing, then molded into shape then dipped in chocolate (heaven!!!) .  I am thinking hmmm... marshmallow dab top with melted chocolate to "glue" on a nilla wafer (eat a few nilla wafers while you wait), then dip in chocolate - I bet it would look good!!! Source

Adorable cupakes! And so simple! Source

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