Sunday, April 11

Green Flowers

I love how flowers can really bring a room to life - I think the same thing is true for a party.... here are a few inspiration pics with small green flowers (ummm... don't ask me their real name ;o)

Take a square piece of floral foam and fill it up with the same colored flower, tie with a bow - how simple!? It would look beautiful on a table and even make a great hostess gift.  What if you piled up a few of different sizes and colors together - fab! Source

I love this idea not only as a decoration but as a gift.  Giving someone a baking pan or serving dish and filling it with fresh flowers - after the flowers are dead, they are left with a useful gift! Source (unknown)

This is a beautiful corsage... but what if you did a long one and used it to tie up a gift with or on a basket! Or tied them around the chair top or railing post or tie back your curtains for a beautiful touch during the party - go crazy! Pick a low cost flower and just pepper in ones that may run you a bit more.  Source

For a simple, yet beautiful touch, add one to a place card.  Simple cut out a circle (use a bowl to trace if need be), use a hole punch to punch a hole at the top and insert a single bud.  Source

(not a real flower, buy hey - it's green!) Take clear swizzle sticks & floral tape (find at local craft store). Cut a bud with a little bit of stem - hold the stem against the swizzle stick and wrap the floral tape around to hold it on.  The trick to floral tape is wrap it like an ace bandage pulling slightly as you wrap to ensure it adheres.  Or, like shown, you can make paper ones! Source and Tutorial