Tuesday, April 27

More Garden Inspiration!

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Getting ready to plant our veggie garden inspired today's post of more garden theme inspiration.

How fantastic is this setup!?! I would love to be at this party! Perfect for a garden, fairy or woodland theme! Source found via delightfulevents

I am so in love with these veggie cookies! They would make a great Mom's day gift, too if she's a gardener.  From one of my fav cookie sites Source and tutorial

Garden invite that is so simple but so dang adorable! I think this would work for both kids and adult parties.  Source

You could modify this with any flower or topper - just a simple glue the end to a toothpick and you have instant whimsy even on your appetizer trays! Source

These are too adorable - chocolate cupcakes baked in terracotta pots and finished with a mint sprig.  Use chocolate rocks - our local Super Walmart sells them.  Source, directions and recipe

A veggie cake I made and took to work for a vegetarian coworkers bday.  Just in a cake carrier - no fancy presentation at work ;o)  Made multi-tone chocolate veggies in Williams - Sonoma veggie cake pan.  I used petal dust to give the veggies some more dimension.


  1. Too cute Kim......love your garden cake for your vegetarian friend (:

  2. I love those cupcakes baked in the terracotta pots. Sooo cute. I'm tempted to get those silicone flower pots they had at Michaels now and do something like this. Very cute cake too.


  3. I love those little daisies :)

  4. I love the flower toppers. Gorgeous!

  5. Wow what gorgeous photos and great ideas!

  6. I did a little daisy party for my daughter's 1st birthday last Summer, so I'm partial to the daisies! Love them!

  7. KIM! How about stuff for a scrabble theme party? any ideas? My grandmother is turning 80 this summer, so we are having a surprise party for her complete with a scrabble theme-(her fav game)

  8. The little flower appetizer toothpicks are the best! Love it.


  9. I LOVE the flower app toothpicks!

  10. Thanks for all the feedback girls!

    p.s. I'll look into a scrabble post...

    Kim @ Frost Me!

  11. Love this theme, those flower topper toothpicks are fantastic!

  12. What a fun party idea. Love it! ;)


  13. Hi Kim!! I posted my Tea Party Themed party, complete with your teabag cookies. I hope you'll check it out when you get a chance.

    Kait, if I were you , I would start my buying several game sets. You could use the boards set up on their side, with pictures of your grandmother attached between some of the squares. You could use the letters in cool bud vases or scattered on top of the table. You could make cookies in the shape of a square, then ice letters on the top. You could also use die cut letters anywhere. Maybe put them on skewers sticking out of a bucket or vase, almost like a flower arrangement. If your grandmother is anything like mine, you could use big dictionaries too...we always have to have them on hand to prove that all the words she comes up with are really words...and they are. :) Sounds like a super fun party theme. I would love to see pictures when you are done...maybe you could come to my blog and give me a link, once its all said and done. Hope you guys have a great time!!!

  14. I can't believe how creative some of these ideas are! The cupcakes are so awesome! And the little flower toppers on the cheese cubes--so simple but so cute! I love garden parties, but sometimes it gets to the point where you've run out of neat decorating and food ideas. This blog has given me great inspiration--thanks!


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