Thursday, April 8

Pink and green

First... I try not to write too much non-party on this blog, so if you are ever curious as to who is underneath the frosting... I just launched a personal blog today to capture my life, shopping, crafting, etc on... feel free to peek in ;o)

on to parties... you think I might like pink and green? Hello!?! look, around... heehee... here are a few shots of frosting that might inspire you for your next event...

Who doesn't want to be at this party!? Key elements that you can apply to any party are keeping number of colors low and playing everything into those colors! It's ok to do shades of the same color family - you see here, it really works... and a ceiling full of lanterns! Magical!  Source

With so many drink options out there today, you are bound to find one to coordinate with your party! If not... make your own and reuse glass bottles! I love the green cozies peeking up on the bottles and the simple bucket to display them in.  How fun would these be to put on each table so guest can serve themselves easily?!?  Source

I know what you are thinking... Kim, a diaper stacker? are you crazy? (first, yes, yes I am... lol)... but here me out... think outside the box (or umm diaper holder)... What if you tied this to the side of table to hold napkins or to the back of the bday girl's chair to hold goodies... think about ways to use things unconventionally! Source

Use a topiary form or a styrofoam ball on a stick to create the base for a ribbon topiary! You can coordinate ANY party colors into on of these for very little cost!  Source and tutorial

Ribbon and flower garland would look so beautiful draped anywhere! You can do this with a simple paper punch at the craft store in the shape of a flower and large wooden beads (painted to match).  String them together and va-la! Beauty! Source and tutorial

I love these argyle cupcake wrappers! They would be perfect for this event.... Source

Ending on a sweet note... this cake is so fantastic! Source


  1. Wow that first pic is just stunning! I love packed florals and the lanterns just make it so magical!

  2. Kim, I visited your new blog and signed up to follow but I can't leave a comment. After I type up what I want to say, the word verification box pops up but it is half cut off so there is no place to submit my entry (does that make sense?)
    Just wanted to let you know.

  3. So cute! And grapefruit Izzy would be the perfect shade of pink for this party!

  4. Kim,

    This pink and green combo are the colors of my logo. We're getting ready for our big grand opening and you've just given me some great ideas! Love it, THANKS!

  5. I just love coming over to your blog and seeing all the new inspiring ideas :) Love pink and green! So preppy and very fun! :)

  6. with summer on the way... pink and green are perfect compliments. i love your ideas on how to show them off.

  7. I love pink and green combinations... and I am totally in LOVE with that argyle cupcake liners!!!

  8. Love's so spring-y!!! I'll be following :)


  9. I love the table setting at the top! Way too cute!!!

  10. I absolutely love everything on this post!!!!

  11. Thanks for all the comments and luv!

    Kim @ Frost Me!

  12. Thanks for your comments on my daughters' room over at ohdeedoh. The paper lanterns were the cheapest part of the room and made the most impact. The great thing is I can always take them down and use them for a party.

    My daughtter's first birthday is coming up. I'll come back and link to it when it happens. I'm planning a monster theme for our lil monster.

  13. Love browsing around this blog, now a new follower and looking forward to looking at and reading more. Would love to have you as a follower if you get the chance.
    I love these colors, I was thinking of redoing our toddler's room in pink and green and this party filled post has really got me motivated.

  14. The ribbon topiary is adorable!


  15. Love these colors! The Topiary is something I would LOVE to try! Thanks for posting.

  16. This is amazing! I absolutely LOVE this! I'm new to your blog and love all of it! Your sense of humor is great. :)

  17. I just linked to you from HWTM--I love your blog! I'm passionate about parties, too, so this will be so helpful to have on my favorites bar. Thanks for all the great inspiration!


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