Saturday, April 3

Shopping Saturday!

Don't forget to enter to win a $50 gift certificate to an Etsy party store! Ends Friday!

Shopping Saturday post = local finds (at chain stores) that may help you gather what you need for that next party! Hope it brings some inspiration!

I bought these for a special Garden party (end of summer) stay tuned ;o) 

Found:  Michael's
Section:  Seasonal
Price:  $5 garden box, $1 for birdhouses

Burlap runner... how great is this !?! Also for Garden party...
Found:  Michael's
Section:  Floral aisle
Price:  $3.99

Polka dot flower vases would be perfect for a polka dot theme party!

Found:  Michael's
Section:  Middle aisle setups
Price:  $4.99

Ice cream cone bubble blowers! They also had soda pop ones... perfect for a summer or ice cream party!

Found:  AC Moore's
Section: Outside seasonal aisle
Price:  $1

Walmart has a lot of Veggie Tales items right now for Easter.

Found:  Walmart
Section:  Easter Section
Price:  $2


  1. Love the birdhouses and garden box!

  2. Michaels always has the best finds! Can't wait to see more of your garden party!

  3. I was at Michaels today too! Those polka dot planters are cute! Hoping I can wait till they are on sale!

  4. Hi Kristy & Brenda!

    Brittanie... do you the the 50% off coupons? I would go ever day and get one lol...

    Kim @ Frost Me!

  5. love the bubble blowers... so cute!


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