Friday, April 2

World Autism Awareness Day

Today is World Autism Awareness Day.  I wanted to just post a few words and some puzzle ideas (Autism trademark).  I have family, friends and coworkers that have Autistic children.  My admiration and love goes out to each one of them!   Autism is a complex developmental disability that typically appears during the first three years of life and affects a person’s ability to communicate and interact with others. Autism is defined by a certain set of behaviors and is a "spectrum disorder" that affects individuals differently and to varying degrees. There is no known single cause for autism, but increased awareness and funding can help families today. The prevalence of autism had risen to 1 in every 110 births in the United States and almost 1 in 70 boys. Autism is treatable. Children do not "outgrow" autism, but studies show that early diagnosis and intervention lead to significantly improved outcomes.

Just a few ideas for incorporating puzzle pieces into your Autism awareness campaigns...

These adorable puzzle cupcake picks are from one of my blog bff and glitter queen - Source

We have all seen sandwich cutters - but these actually lock together AND have the end pieces! How fun is this! They just used different kinds of breads to really make the puzzle pieces stand out! Source

A little off season for pumpkin, but you could do this with any dessert and any shape! I believe the puzzle pieces are just REALLY thin cookies probably rested on something curvy (like a fondant flower form) to give them some curl.  Super simple, super cute! Source found via Epicute

How fun would these puzzle ottomans be in a kid's play room!?! Source