Tuesday, May 25

Arrrrg! A Pirate Party Theme!

I have been seeing some really cute pirate parties popping up! I think boys would have so much fun pretending to be a pirate!  Look here for past frosting for a pirate party!

Turn your table into a wild treasure filled pirate feast! Stuff a treasure chest full of skulls and coins - add a fishing net to the table and use goblets and red and white striped napkins to cap off the theme! Source found via settingthemoodwithjamee

Make a pirate stash for each child! Source and tutorial

Pirate booty in a bottle favors!  Give each kid an assortment of pirate booty and let them make their own "pirate ocean"! Source and tutorial

My favorite find so far - so genius! Why you say? That is an apple pie!!! I am trying to think of what other shapes I can make a pie into now! Source and tutorial found via ediblecrafts

I know this is a simple detail, but I just love these pirate map napkins! Source

Make these adorable pirate cookie pops! OR better yet, make the pops and let the kids decorate them! Source found via partywishesscv

Lastly, my icing skills might not be up to par, but I think I would try! These pirate ship cookies would be so adorable! Source found sweetcuddlecakes


  1. I wish I had cookie talent. Unfortunately, I'm best at only eating them, not decorating.

  2. oh what a great picture of that party!! Love it!

  3. Perfect timing as usual Kim! I am getting ready to start working on a Princess & Pirate Party for 7 year olds!!

  4. That table is totally fantastic! Love it.

  5. I love the treasure chest display on the table :) Thanks for stopping by my blog too x

  6. thanks for all the comments ladies!

    Kim @ Frost Me!

  7. Hi Kim! Thanks for featuring our party! Love your blog!
    Setting the Mood

  8. LOVE! your blog and all the ideas and inspirations xx

    Come by and follow my blog at
    www.montresorblog.blogspot.com :)


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