Sunday, May 16

Candy Party Theme (Part 1)

There are sooooo many candy theme ideas out there! I can't possibly share them on one post! Here are a few to wet your palate and stay tuned for another part at a later time!

Wrap EVERYTHING like a piece of candy! Just use cellophane (sold next to most gift wrap) and tie it off with ribbon or bands.  These round lanterns are now pieces of candy! You can do this with anything - use this shape or a lollipop as your points of inspiration.  Source

Here's an example of just taking simple round circle (you could even cover round cake boards for cheap!) and putting them on the wall - how cute is that!?! Source

Have gumball machines around for the kids to grab a quick handful of yummies! You could even do miniature ones for favors.  Have their name added on it for an extra touch! Source

I don't know about you, but I still love candy necklaces! How sweet does this candy necklace garland look!?!? You could use it in the air and hang different candies from it or wrap it around a container.  Also, what if you strung chocolate cheerios or fruit loops or the like to match your party theme!?!  Source

Cake pops are all the rage this year! I think these would take some patience but they would be fun! Source and tutorial found via everydaycelebrating

For the favor bags, why not do the center one in the pic - with candy dots! Source and tutorial found via thepartydress