Monday, May 10

Mad Scientist Party Theme

I LOVE when people do activities at their parties - how fun would be a mad scientist theme party be?!? I would be pushing the kids out of the way to try the experiments!  You can find tons of fun experiments to do online... so here are a few ideas for putting a little frosting on the party!

To instantly create a fun room... how about a room wrap - FULL wall sized cover that will cover all your frilly pictures and curtains and make the kids feel like they are in a mad scientist room! Source

How clever is this DIY pinata?!? I am so impressed with how she came up with this! Using a balloon and material (see the source) she rocked out a test tube pinata! Even if you just use them as decorations around - these would be great!  Source

Grossly fantastic jello "lab test".  Boys would LOVE cutting this up! Source and recipe

You could also use jello in petri dish and gummy worms! Make sure you have plenty of test tubes in racks and things around, as well! Source

Cover the food and favor bags with radio active stickers! I have a few friends that cook food that should use these ;o)  Source

My favorite mad scientist cake! I love this! Little cotton candy on top, va-la! Source and directions


  1. Every year I give my great niece a big Halloween party for her and all her friends. I wanted to do this theme for this year. If I do, I'm going to use some of these great ideas. Thanks!


  2. These are all so stinking adorable!!! Love it!

  3. love it! I really like that cake!!!
    Is it wrong that I'm already coming up with ideas for my kid's next party (and their current one hasn't happened yet???)

  4. Aaaaah great Radio Active stickers! Those are perfect for my son's Bio Hazard birthday party I am planning! Leave it to you to find exactly what I need.

  5. Haaa....great ideas....what a fun theme!! Thanks for sharing :)

  6. these treats look really good! so much fun for kids parties!

  7. Love Love strawberries...can't wait to hear what you have up your sleeve :):):)

  8. Kim! Love the ideas! Might have to save these for the boys' Bday in the future! Hey thanks for visiting my blog... it's great to see other geocachers out there! Have fun!

  9. @ Joanne, that sounds like so much fun! Want to see pics!!!
    @ Staci, nope, plan plan plan!!! lol
    @ Pam, that sounds like so much fun!
    @ everyone else, thanks so much for commenting! love the feedback!

    hugs! Kim @ Frost Me!

  10. My son is turning 7 in June and we're having a science party for him too. I can't wait to make some of these creations! I'll link to you on my blog when I do.



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