Wednesday, June 30

Cooking/Chef Party Theme

I secretly want to have a cooking themed party! I am trying to pawn it off on friend's that have kids! I know we have a blast cooking together as a family, so I think a bunch of kids making a cooking mess would be a blast! ...just pay someone else to clean up afterwards lol

Use mini rolling pins to wrap your invite around, tie with a bow - what a great way to start the theme! Source found via attentiontodetail

If you can pull it off, aprons and hats for all the chefs would be adorable! Source

Making cupcakes would be a great task - have templates for them to make designs on top of the cupcakes too! Try to think of different toppings, icings and tools to have out for them to choose from! Source

Make up favor bags that include utensils, sprinkles, pot holders, etc.  Tie them off with ribbon and a kitchen themed tag or recipe card! Source

Perfect cake for this theme is an apron! Make a sheet cake and cut a little at the top to make the top of the apron and use red licorice for the strings! Source and tutorial