Friday, June 11

Ideas, links and Winner!

I can't say enough how thankful I am for everyone that follows me! You guys are really the BEST! I can't believe how fast the Frosted Fan community is growing! I have some great changes happening in the next couple months (it's slow pace, sorry!) to make things even more easy and fun!

First - here are the links that you guys left to your parties - you guys are so talented! Stop by and say HI! to other Frosted family members!

Those that left party links....

Ideas you left for posts for the future...

Alice and Wonderland theme
anniversary parties
beer and sausages party theme
black and white party/damask pattern
book club party theme
Cancer awareness theme
cookies and milk baby shower theme
english garden theme
fiftys party
first birthday Fishy theme
garden party theme for kids and adults alike, with butterflies, ladybirds, bumblebees etc
Graduation theme 
Halloween theme
harry potter theme
Hawaiian theme with surf boards, palm trees, sand, pineapple, the ocean, tiki faces
July 4th themed 1 year old party
Mad Scientist theme
mermaid or butterfly themes
Pink Candy Buffet Party
Pride theme
quinceanera theme
rainbows and treasures
Retirement party
Rock Star theme
Sesame Street but not looking like they sponsored it
star wars
super hero (particularity batman)
woodsy theme...owls, squirrels, mushrooms
World Cup Theme

and finally... the WINNER of the What's New, Cupcake Cookbook.....

leah on June 4, 2010 1:46 PM said...
Mmmmmm... cupcakes. I have been eyeballing this book in the store. :) Here is a link to my blog with party pics of my latest party. Happy Partying.



  1. I have a great Alice In Wonderland cake on my blog... just in case you were wondering... hehe!

  2. Oh my gosh. I won! Hooray!

  3. Would love to see a Cookies and Milk theme, the Fiftys theme too!

    Congrats to Leah...we want to see those cupcakes!

  4. My cookies and milk baby shower will be next Sat. on the 19th and I will be blogging about it then. I hope it turns out to be a hit! Meanwhile you can go to here:
    to see where I got my idea, I had to make my party a little more classic to fit the personality of my friend, I was also on a shoe string budget!

  5. Wow this is quite a list! Such awesome ideas...I have a ladybug cake that has gotten lots of positive feedback on cake central...

    Also I'd love to know ideas for James Bond Casino :)


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