Saturday, June 5

Movie Night Party Theme!

no shopping sat - gasp!... I'll let you know my secret reason why soon!... We have two couches that face each other in our family room, on family movie night, we push them together and create a massive sofa bed extravaganza! It's hard getting out of for more popcorn, but it's really fun!

 Here are a few frosting tips for your next movie themed party!  p.s. check here for a previous movie post!

How stickin cute would this be! Wrap your dogs up in style! Source

Don't let your cheese go naked! lol... you could also dress up slices of cheesecake like that too! Source

Cut pineapple with a star cookie cutter or make star cookies to adorn your glasses... Source

Be fancy and serve popcorn in cones - just take clear plastic craft paper (you can find at craft stores with scrapbook paper) and roll into a cone - use double sided tape to hold close! Put them in wine glasses or a decorated box to help them stand up straight! Source

These super fun oscar cookies would be excellent place cards or favors! Source and tutorial


  1. love these ideas!! & I can't wait to hear why you skipped out on shopping Sat?!?! :)

  2. I love how the cones are in glasses for the popcorn.

  3. love the ideas for the movie theme... I was just searching looking for the shopping Saturday post... lol! Look forward to see your great finds... Now looking forward to the secret reason...

  4. These are adorable ideas. Love the popcorn soap and dressing up the brie is a fab idea.

  5. I love movie nights - or movie days. It's pouring here today so we are having one this afternoon! Fun, fun!

  6. The hotdogs are soooo funny. LOVE! Spill the secret-you know how I am with suspense....

  7. This is so sweet! Those hotdogs made me giggle. And I love the popcorn in champagne glasses. Great ideas!

  8. For real, those hotdogs are hilarious.

  9. Toooooo cute! I love it all....I always look forward to the new themes. :O)

  10. I have been secretly away on vaca! Thanks for all the blog luv ladies!!!

    hugs! Kim @ Frost Me!

  11. I found out where it tells you how to make the tuxedo hot dogs! BHG! Here's the link:

    1. WOOT! Thanks so much! I just updated the link!

      many hugs!!!
      Kim @ Party Frosting!


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