Monday, June 14

Train Party Theme!

One of my happiest memories is riding on a train through from Spain to Lisbon, Portugal - it was so beautiful! and the best sleep (it was a sleeper train) I think I ever had!

Trains are a great boy's party theme... here are some ways to frost your next one!

I love how this food train! I love how she transformed the containers into train cars! And check out that caboose! so cute! Source

How clever are these sandwich trains?!? I love the brocolli and cauliflower scenery too! So genius! Source

Another way to do the tablescape is to combine metal tins to act as your train - I love the felt train track on the table too! Source

You have to add railroad crossing signs! Put some at the front door, and each doorway too! Make sure to include conductor hats for everyone too wear, too! Source

Add a simple, yet fantastic touch by using black electrical tape to create railroad tracks on the floor!  Source

Ending on a sweet note... make simple cupcakes, add chocolate railroad tracks and put little plastic trains (click here for ones that are whistles!) on top! Easy enough for any level of baker ;o)  Source


  1. I love the fact that someone has the patience for those little train track cupcakes...what kiddo wouldn't love those?

  2. Great ideas as always! I love thf simple little cupcakes each wigh their own train car on top. Sweet!

  3. I swear, it's like you have a little camera in my studio and know juuust when a client contacts me asking about a party theme. First the ice cream party and now this!

  4. these are giving me ideas to have a train party 'just because' :)

  5. oh my goodness, I went looking for ideas for a train party for my little boys, and happened upon your blog. These ideas are A W E S O M E!! Thanks so much for sharing!


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