Friday, July 2

More 4th of July party ideas!

I am SO bummed! We have to postpone our 4th of July party (long story!)... but we are going to do a 4th of July do-over so we can get in on all the fun ideas!  Here are the past ones if you missed them, and here are a few more ideas to Frost your weekend!

Warning! You are about to be hungry! lol....

Pam over at Party Starters totally rocked out Martha's free downloads (They even posted it on Martha)! Super cute! She's also having a 1st blog bday celebration, so check her out! Source and links to downloads

These candles would be great for any party! Look closely... they are colored rubber bands! Just wrap them around, layer - done! No color commitment, I love it! Source found via

This is so simple, but I just found it to look so inviting! White paper cones filled with blueberries and strawberries! How easy! Source found entertain exchange

I have seen these posted a lot, but they are SO on my party list! Dip end of waffle cones (yum!) in white chocolate (yum!) and then into sprinkles (triple yum!). This is a great idea for any party! Source

Speaking of ice cream, another trick to add a little Frost to a party is to dip the corners of ice cream sandwiches in chocolate and sprinkles! I am thinking about maybe peanut butter too! YUM! Source

These drinks are sure to wow your guests! How beautiful would they look all in a row waiting for thirsty mouths! Source and recipe

Last attempt to encourage calories... I love the idea of dipping rice crispy treats in chocolate (or anything else for that matter!).  Add a festive ribbon to match your theme and instant glam on a simple treat! Source and tutorial found via ediblecrafts