Monday, July 5

Pooh Hundred Acre Woods Party

Even in my 30's I am still a sucker for Pooh Bear! I don't hold on to much, but I have this Pooh bear from my best friend from years past that gets kept in my craft room ;o)

I love looking for invitations that speak to the theme without having to have huge characters all over it! This one from the Glitter Queen - The Purple Pug is adorable! Source

This Pooh tablescape is full of fun things to see! Layered with flowers, child's name, favor bags and Pooh characters - any child would feel like they have been transported! Source

This free download was for Easter... but cut out birthday sign and some honey - add some glue and va-la! This paper box would be an inexpensive favor box, utensil holder, cake pop holder (just add Styrofoam to his box part to help them stand up). Source and template

Inexpensive terracotta pots and a little paint make instant honey pots! Too cute! Great for the buffet! Source

Over-the-top cute party and honey pot cake! To make this shape, use different sized round cakes stacked on top of each other, then dirty ice and add fondant (sounds simple, right? ;o)  Source

If you don't know bakerella yet - shame on you! lol... she is wickedly talented and has really taken the cake pop world by storm! She even has a book coming out soon (CAN'T WAIT!!!).  I don't think I could pull off the faces on these (so don't have a steady hand!) but I would try! Source and tutorial

For those less willing to try... how about this cute little guy? Just just Pooh Bear cookie stamp, lots of icing and dark round cupcake moulds. Source and recipe