Thursday, August 12

Back to school party inspiration!

It is so close to back-to-school time! I love the idea of celebrating with a party (of course!)

Set up a great party station with lots of school related items! Use vases filled with erasers, cups filled with markers, plates filled with sticky notes - get creative! And don't forget to add a chalkboard! Source

This was for a Super Grover themed party, but modify the decorations and this lunch line setup would be so perfect for the back-to-school theme! Source

Speaking of chalkboards... modify one from your local craft store (usually around a dollar!) with craft foam to looks like a school house! I love that she even added a little bell! Genius! Source

Cut a slit into erasers and use them as tablecard or buffet card holders! ... adorable and useful after the party! Source

Look around in your kid's toy boxes for items that can help modify any party decoration - adding plastic letters and numbers to a vase of flowers - instant school charm! Source

Super cute chocolate covered pretzels wrapped in "crayon paper" make such a cute treat or bundle in a box to send home as favors! Source