Thursday, August 26

Breakfast bar ideas!

Special Edition Frosting! 

Do you guys know Kristy, aka Purple Pug? She is the glitter queen of the partyware/topper world... but she is also recently out-of-control setting up breakfast stations at her house... I had to release a special frosting!

...I love how these remind us to remember to add frosting to every occasion... even if it is just breakfast with your family!

(click on pic to enlarge) Donut bar! Individual pedestals for each donut - so fantastic! Donut kabobs (luv!) and a hanging donut tree - out of control! Love all the bright colors too! Source and tutorial for mini pedestals

(click on pic to enlarge) Koalas and plaid - definitely a good way to my heart! Add powder sugar, whipped cream and waffles... hello?!? Such a quick fun way to make breakfast feel special! Source

(click on pic to enlarge) look closely! Fruit loops on ribbon, milk carton vase, cereal in pails, sucker tops on oranges and when you go to the link, you'll see how she personalized even the spoons! Source


  1. who wouldn't love any of these ideas?!?! The Pug's outta control :)

  2. breakfast is my most fave meal of the day! i'm so doing this for my birthday next year! :D

  3. I really love the milk carton centerpiece and fruit loop garland in the last one, but they're all great! Her house guests must come back again and again!

  4. Love those Koalas and Plaid...great color combos!

  5. I adore Kristy and all her glitter!!

  6. I love the breakfast bar idea ... can't wait to host one. Just found your blog through The Purple Pug and I love it. I'm your newest follower.


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