Monday, August 30

Halloween party ideas!

Ok, I swore I would wait until at least September but all the Halloween stuff out in the stores is SO making me in the mood!!!

Here is just the start of ways to Frost your Halloween this year!

I love this backdrop! Reminds you to never forget to get creative with your backdrops! And how about those owl cookies?!? so cute! Source

My girl Staci hooked up these McDonald's milk jugs into adorable Halloween vases! With autumn flowers... cute decoration under $2! Source and tutorial

Another inexpensive craft are these bats! And who wouldn't love to get chocolate?!?  Source

Kid's and grown-ups alike would love to have these candy corn inspired parfaits! Source and recipe

speaking of candy corn... How cute is this candy corn cake?!? ...however, the detail I am REALLY loving is the crepe paper ruffle around the cake stand - you could use this trick to coordinate with every event that comes along! Source


  1. Super cute ideas, Kim. Love the candy corn parfaits. Reminds me of orange creamsicles I grew up with.

  2. SO glad you posted this, because I have a ton of Halloween goodies sitting on my table ready to be displayed for our Halloween photo shoot. Love all of these inspiring photos!!! Those parfaits look so yummy!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I'm diggin' that crepe paper ruffle too. Awesome.


  4. You are too sweet to include the milk jugs!!!
    Those bat chocolate wraps are really cute!! And love Kim's display with the Candy Corn cake!!

  5. Ahh... these ideas are too cute! loving the Boo milk jugs... the Hershey's bat... is too cute!~

  6. Great ideas! But I am so NOT ready for it to be fall and Halloween time again!

  7. Kim! So cool! I love this Hershey's bat!

  8. I love fall! Such cute ideas! Time to get out all my fall decorations:)

  9. Oh thanks for sharing. I've got to repost tomorrow because I'm a little obsessive about Halloween!



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