Sunday, August 1

Martha - Raffle

First... had to skip shopping Saturday this week - my man surprised me with a day out yesterday including a fantastic dinner and a concert (Aaron Lewis accustic - from Staind) WOOHOO! Major points!!!

Ok, now for the HELP!!! part - Pam @ PartyStarters  (close friend & Frosted Sponsor!) got invited to go mingle with Martha Stewart's Craft Department in New York - ummmm hello!?!?!? JEALOUS! This could totally launch her career! Problem is, they gave her a week's notice and on a mom's budget, she needs help! to travel there! If anyone deserves it - she does! She said she wasn't going to go - I said OH HECK NO! YOU ARE GOING! ... I am putting up $50 bucks towards the cause, won't you help too?!?

For everyone that has had a dream, please enter in today's raffle to help send Pam to New York!!!

Old school raffle!!! $50 Barnes & Noble Gift Card!

  • For every $5 pledged, 1 chance to win - (remember it's $5 towards a mom's dream people!)
  • Click donate button below to donate for your chance to win! (secure setup using Frost Me! account on PayPal)
  • Drawing will be Thurs morning August 6th 8am EST