Tuesday, August 17

Stamped (bird) party touches!

You know I have to force my bird obsession on you! lol... but these ideas are easily modified for any theme!

I love how simple and beautiful these favor bags are! Just look at how a stamp in the corner of a brown bag and some braided twine turn these brown bags from drab to fab! Source

Wooden drink skewers are a simple way to add a little dab of frosting to your drinks! Just like the bags above, a simple stamp can really dress them up! Source

How beautiful are these?!? Coordinating pieces of fabric over jars, twine and stamped favor tags would make any guest happy! Displayed in these rustic box... rustic, birds, fabric and twine... swoon... I am in heaven! Source

Take heavy card stock, stamp in the middle and roll up into a cone.  Great for serving snacks! Source


  1. You know how much I love birdies. These are fabulous!

  2. Ha! I know, I love it! ... and Jessica, you know that's right! lol

    Kim @ Frost Me!

  3. i really like those bags...so natural and simple. :)

  4. i love the drink skewers...i think they are such a cute way to dress up a drink...perfect!

  5. What a fun fun fun fun fun fun blog!!! LOVE IT! I am doing a lemonade and sunshine birthday social for my girl's 2nd birthday on Sunday--you should come over and see all the goodies I have been working on! I am a kindred spirit--and your newest follower!


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