Tuesday, August 3

Yo Gabba Gabba Party Inspiration!

I can't say I am familiar with this sensation, but I know a lot of little kids would love to have a Yo! Gabba Gabba! birthday, so here are some dabs of frosting for your party!

Start off with a over-the-top invite with all the characters! Source

One thing I do know - LOTS of color is on the menu for this theme! Feel free to mix and match it up on the dessert table! I love how fun this setup looks! Source found via partyboxdesigns blog

You could add this fantastic marshmallow Gabba Gabba creatures to your dessert table and send them home as favors! Source

Take every day drink cozis cut out craft foam and glue on to create adorable keepsakes for the little ones! Source

Have to have the perfect cake! ...well, make that the perfect THREE cakes! So dang cute! Source