Monday, September 20

Frosted Sponsors!

We have had so many new members to our Frosted Family and I just want to say welcome aboard! I also wanted to remind everyone about our fantastic Frosted Sponsors! If you would like to become one, please contact me!

You can find everything from stationary, invites, party favors, decorations and custom cookies! 


  1. Oohh...I have ordered cookies from Sandy before! Her work is awesome!

  2. Good Gravy! is fantastic - LOVE her and her blog is a riot! Check it out today - all about BACON dental floss! Sandy's cookies are super, super cute - how can she create those and hold back from eating them!?

  3. Thanks for the shout-out...even though I have an affinity to purchase bacon dental floss, yet loathe shortbread cookies.

  4. Decide to spend the evening hunting around some of my favorite blogs. Glad I stopped by!



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