Friday, September 10

Kids beachy party inspiration

One of our favorite moments on vacation was spending time on the Oregon beaches! Here are a few ideas to Frost your end of the season beach party!

A bit nautical, but I love the colors and HAD to share the swim trunk garland - how adorable?!?  I'd love to see a larger one of these hanging over the entire party space! Source

I love this little favor purse! If you aren't too crafty, there are tons of stickers and cutouts you can buy at the craft stores now.  If the kids are old enough, you can have them decorate the bags! Source

If you are actually at the beach, have the kids collect shells in cute bags - if you are home, why not set up a shell hunt (like an Easter egg hunt!)  Source

Customized baskets might be too pricey to do for every kid - but you could do more simple baskets full of beach themed items.  Source: Book: Cookie Swap: Creative Treats to Share Throughout the Year (Paperback)

Have you seen these plates? Super cute and perfect for a beach theme! I might even start off my morning a little better with breakfast on a sun plate! You could even use them as decorations too! Source

Sand dollar cookies would a simple cookie anyone could pull off! Little almond slices pushed in your favorite cookie recipe (or store bought refrigerated dough wink wink!) Source and tutorial

party add on....
 dozen beach bags for $6.27! buy here (link)


  1. those plates are adorable!! & the customized baskets would make great gifts for a destination wedding!!

  2. I am obsessed with those plates! Adorable!

  3. Thanks so much for mentioning my book Cookie Swap. Those baskets were super cheap, actually. Not more than a couple of dollars ea at Hobby Lobby; then I paid about $10 to have an embroidery place embroider several kids' names on all the ribbons. Glued the ribbons and buttons on myself. Easy and inexpensive to do!

  4. You were on the Oregon coast, Woo Hoo!! I live about an hour from Seaside and Cannon Beach. Love the beach. I'm going to have to make me some of those sand dollar cookies, mm mmm


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