Monday, October 18

Happy National Chocolate Cupcake Day!!!

ok... first... I have a BIG announcement to make Wed night.... so DON'T forget to check in!!!

next... on to cupcakes! Donuts are trying to take the limelight from cupcakes this year, but in my heart, a chocolate cupcake will always win!!!

my mostest favoritest cupcake eva'! S'mores cupcake! Chocolate cupcake with graham cracker bottom and top and toasted marshmallow topping... hello?!? p.s. I use this chocolate cupcake recipe for EVERY chocolate cupcake! Source and recipe

Another one of my favs! Chocolate with peanut butter mousse kinda stuff... SOOO moist SOOO yummy! Peanut butter and chocolate just belong together! Source and recipe

The next on my "to try" list... Starbucks inspired caramel frappuccino YUM!!! Source and recipe

So what's your favorite chocolate cupcake??? ...leave a link!