Monday, November 29

My Autumn Brunch!!!

What was supposed to be a Spring graduation turned into a Fall one! I am finally done my Master's program! WOOHOO! I didn't want a graduation party, but I didn't want to not mark the occasion, so I held a small celebratory Autumn Brunch!

I haven't held a party in over a year (gasp!) so I forgot how long everything takes lol... so I didn't get all the details done that I wanted, but I hope you enjoy anyway...

dry goods table...

 Another angle...

more shots ;o)

Some of the details...

Drinks with tags - used a planter box I had to hold them!

Cereal dispensers I had, $1 chalkboard from AC Moore's, add a little tag to the milk carafe...
 I took a brown wood frame, dry brushed tan paint on to make it look rustic, then spray painted the glass with chalkboard paint... vala! (don't mind my terrible handwriting lol)

$3 clearance basket turned on it's side give a fun place for rolls...

Simple touches... 

Tied up cinnamon sticks... (from the dollar store!) 

Cinnamon sticks in mason jars for the apple cider punch (wish I had time to put tags on them too!)

Need height? I wrapped books in craft paper and raffia, tada!

Quick leaf hole punch, print out tag and a little twine...

Wrapped champagne (mimosas baby!)

Add citrus to your ice water for a fresh taste and a pop of color!

and of course plenty of hot food, but since they were in buffets... not very interesting to post ;o)



  1. Congratulations!!! Super cute!! Love the beverage jars:)

  2. congrats! Everything looks fantastic!!

  3. Looks absolutely gorgeous. I love every last rustic detail. And all the brunch-y food..very relaxed and chic.
    So proud of you:) xo

  4. Very cute! Love it!
    I especially love the wrapped books....will have to remember that one!
    Nice work!

  5. You put together a beautiful party- and congratulations on getting your Master's!

  6. congrats! All the details look great! Especially love the wrapped champagne!


  7. A) Super congrats on the accomplishment.
    B) You're killing me with the cereal dispenser. I need to live at your house.

  8. ask me how much I love your DIY chalkboards??!! LOVE THEM!! Congrats BTW!

  9. awww thanks ladies for all the congrats and luv! Feels good to be done and have people over again! many hugs!

    Kim @ Party Frosting!

  10. Looks fantastic! So creative and I'd expect nothing less from THE party expert!


  11. Looks amazing! new follower from Party Starters :)

  12. Congratulations Kim! Im loving the whole Autumn fest Celebration! Great Job with everything!

  13. This looks FANTASTIC!!! I love that you decided to put maple leaves on the burlap wine sacks! Congrats on Masters level! I am in school too and wondering why the heck I didn't do it before!

  14. Congrats Kim! Great job on both your accomplishment and a great party! You should be so proud!

  15. I love it! The chalkboards are my favorite! CONGRATS!!!

  16. The two story drink dispenser is going to be in my dreams now. Where is that from? It is all so lovely!


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