Monday, November 15

TURKEYS!!! Thanksgiving ideas/ inspiration

Just bought my first turkey EVER! So scared and excited to try to cook one for the first time next week! fingers crossed!!!

Here are some turkeys that I am sure won't turn out dry!

Ok, I SO had to share this one! Read his little tag... rofl! Source

Super cute turkey cupcake wrapper! I am resisting the urge to add glitter! You could even use feathers instead of the paper - either way, SUPER cute! Source found via cupcakestakethecake blog

Felt turkey lollipops! Quick project anyone can do! Source and tutorial (slide #4)
Think I might try my hand at these for our Thanksgiving fundraiser - how stinking cute?!? And hello?!? Oreos - I am SO in! Source and tutorial

Turkey cake pops - so cute I don't know if I could eat these guys! well, if it were chocolate cake, it's all over! Source and tutorial

Tell me he isn't making you laugh!?!? I am not sure what the two things on the sides are (wings?), but I love this coconut macaroon with chocolate feathers! super silly fun! Source



  1. What cute ideas! Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to make some of these with our little grandson!

  2. I cooked my first (and last turkey) once. I'll let the lapse of time between first and last tell you how well it went.

  3. I love the napkin ring!!

    And the oreo turkeys are obviously a fave!

    Good luck with the turkey - I've yet to make a big one for everyone. I'm hosting this year but someone else is bringing the bird!!

  4. Very cute turkeys!

    My suggestion for easy turkey cooking, use one of those oven bags, so you don't need to worry about basting!! Much easier!!!

  5. Love all the ideas....if I only had the time!!! Oh, and the craft ability :)

  6. Loving the oreos! I need quick ideas for place cards for Turkey day! 15 people....I might be ill! Help!

  7. Hi....your blog is wonderful..i like so much ,about your works arts....interesting,lovely,colourful,with much colours and shine....congratulations for your goos taste and work.....
    big hug from brasil

  8. thanks for all the luv and suggestions ladies! I think I am going to make the oreo turkeys tomorrow! I am claiming any leftovers for myself! heehee

    Kim @ Party Frosting!

  9. Ha! These are so fun!!!

    Glad I found you via pinterest!


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