Friday, December 24

More Holiday ideas/inspiration! - Reindeer!

Whew! Where did this week go?!? The little one is on his way back to TX this morning :o(   Hope you all are winding down the crazy week and enjoy your weekend!

Here are a few more ideas to Frost your holiday if you have any time left ;o)

Still getting last min cards together?! How about decorating them like this adorable reindeer! So clever! Source and template

Creating little wine tags are perfect way to Frost your hostess gift - If you aren't too crafty, just get a circle hole punch, craft paper and stickers! A great trick, pick up the really thick foam adhesive (tiny) squares - this will help your stickers to stand away from the paper a bit like you see here.  Source

Don't these make you giggle?!? These towel reindeer would be the perfect alternative to wrapping paper for a small gift or even better, homemade soap! Source and tutorial

Adorable reindeer you might be able to pull off last min! Starts with purchased truffles! Source and tutorial