Sunday, December 19

whew...I'm back!

What a rough couple of days! My stepson arrived Thurs, then yesterday we did our annual gingerbread building night and today was "christmas day" for my stepson (since he goes back on Thurs to TX)

Here are a few peeks at our party - it was only a few people this year because we had it so close to the holiday a lot of people had other obligations... so I didn't go all out in decorating...

Simple food table - nothing too fancy... all the time was spent on the gingerbread houses ;o)

A few things I did that I think worked out well...  Added branches and cranberries to pan of water, froze then served filled cucumber slices on it - will definitely do again, always love to stamp napkins!, and then hostessblog inspired me to use red ribbon on the lolli sticks for the cake balls...

This year's gingerbread house theme was "beach shacks"

I assemble all the houses (I make them from scratch!) and then we set up a decorating station to get all your goodies from...

We had a photo op station but our camera was messed up some how so the pics are grainy :o(  ...but still cute!  my boys...

Me and my babe...

Ann had just come from the Flyers game - they won!



  1. Looks like fun! Love the idea of the frozen water pan with cranberries! I am going to use that one!! Thanks!

  2. Omgosh, I wish I could be invited to your gingerbread house parties :)

  3. thanks ladies!!! We always have so much fun decorating the houses - it's great to have friends that are willing to be silly and creative and play with food! lol... and drink lots of wine ;o)

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  4. Love the beach shacks! What a great decorating station!

  5. such fun pics. What a fun idea for a party - the decorating station ROCKS!!

  6. Welcome back - love the photo of you & your guy. SUPER cute!

  7. Super cute table! Love the holiday pics!

  8. Your 'gingerbread house' is ADORABLE! Great job! :) Cute pics!

  9. I see a simple and easy-going Guild Wars 2 Gold family from your pics, best wishes.


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