Thursday, January 20

Pink Religious Celebration party ideas/inspiration

One of our Frosted family asked for inspiration for an upcoming first communion... My thoughts are why not do something ultra girly, like pink... but keep it also simple so that you don't lose focus on the religious aspect of the event.

Here are a few thoughts....

I love the idea of doing a take on a wishing tree... why not have this as your centerpiece and have guests write spiritual thoughts or guidance for her. Source

I think fun elements like ice cream or slushy drinks to match the occasion would be kid approved and still appropriate for the gathering.  Source and recipe

Don't shy away from trendy party elements, just make sure they aren't too "loud" of a theme... it's the year of the donut, so why not display some of them in color coordinated cupcake liners! Source

I think favor boxes would be fun to do! There are so many readily available religious items (even from the dollar store!) that would make for great gifts for everyone to take home!  Source

How adorable are these communion dress cookies?!? What a sweet idea! Source

Another treat idea would be a small cross topped cupcake (sorry donuts, we still want our cake!) Source



  1. Wonderful ideas!! I am totally loving that wishing tree, its gorgeous!

  2. Great suggestions for your client...and thanks for sharing them with everyone else. That wishing tree is pretty!

  3. I'm planning my son's baptism at the moment and I'm digging that tree idea!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. I love those Donuts, Kim! What do you think about mixing them in with cupcakes for a wedding cake?

  5. this makes me want to have an all pink party!!!

  6. I love the tree... Great ideas Great inspiration!

  7. The donuts are really cute. Great presentation for kids!

  8. Love the communion dress cookies! Kerri

  9. My granddaughter is making her First Communion also. Nice ideas here for her party and I agree we need to keep the focus on the Lord. Blessings and thanks for sharing. Linda

  10. Great ideas as always! Loving the dress cookies and the tree decoration. Those always look amazing!


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