Monday, January 24

Valentine's Day Ideas & Inspiration! - Non-Traditional!

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We kinda do a low key Valentine's Day here... we usually pick up steak, shrimp and other ingredients to make a great meal and cook together (insert awww ;o) I'm usually good for making goodies for everyone at work, though!

Here are a few ideas I hope inspire you!

I love kid twists on Valentine's! You have to admit this is one of the cutest I have ever seen! Monster love! I SOOO want one of the yarn monsters! Don't be afraid to not do pink and red hearts this year! Source

Another non-traditional setup is this "Love Rocks" setup! How adorable?!? I love the all the colors and did you peep the donuts on the sodas?!? LOVE! Source

by far my favorite... Felt Valentine voodoo pin cushion! I love it! Source