Thursday, February 3

Chinese New Year!

Today is Chinese New Year!!! I don't have any really good posts for this so I figured I would supplement with an Asian themed post!

Don't forget the older (but still fresh!) Asian frosting here

I love all the colors and fun little Asian touches - the "sushi" setup, the adorable cake and do you see the umbrellas?!? The Asian print boxes and fans add great touches too! very cute! Source

I don't think I have the patience ;o) ... but these hanging origami steamers would be so beautiful!!! Source

A great way to serve is with these simple sushi boats! Source

I have these spoons and never knew what to do with them! Serve each one with a dumpling! YUM! Source

I love all the "mock sushi" I see around the internet - these cakes are no different! I love these! Super cute! Source