Sunday, February 6

Shopping Saturday (posted late ;o)

Whew! We shopped till we dropped yesterday! We went up to Adamstown & Lancaster PA to do some antiquing and regular shopping - it's about a 2 hour ride for us, but we love to go up every once and a while.  If you are nosy and wanna see what I bought... check out my personal blog here.

Do you have this store?! I love it - I bought porcelain measure cups & small silver stand

Found: Christmas Tree Shop
Section: Kitchen
Price: $3.99/cups, $3.50/stand!

We bought these coffee cups - we run out of mugs when we have tons of people over - and always good to offer for the ride home!

Found: Christmas Tree Shop
Section: Kitchen
Price: $1.99/40 count!

Are these not the cutest mini stands!?!? Colorful polka dot stands to liven up any display!

Found: Christmas Tree Shop
Section: Kitchen
Price: $1.99/each

Beehive lanterns! Use for lighting around your Bee or Garden themed party! Use as vases or just simple decor.

Found: Christmas Tree Shop
Section: Garden
Price: $2.99/each

Cute pink bathtubs would make great pieces for a Spa theme or Baby shower! Serving dishes or even purchase to put gift in for guest of honor!

Found: Michael's Craft
Section: Decor
Price: $14.99

Dishes for your Butterfly or Garden themed party! Stand 3 upright & glue plate on top for awesome cake stand, wrap in tulle & fill with treats for favors.

Found: Michael's Crafts
Section: Easter
Price: $1.99/each

Everyone is getting into the $ bin game! Foam shapes to decorate your Sports or Baseball themed party

Found: Rite Aid Pharmacy
Section: $1 bin
Price: $1.00

I just bought this pan! I thought it would make such great shaped treats! Can't wait to decide what to make in it!

Section: baking
click here
Price: $14.95



  1. Now I wish I have a Christmas Tree Shop here in Vegas!!

  2. Kate @ andeverythingsweet.blogspot.comFebruary 6, 2011 at 2:48 PM

    Oh my gosh those cupcake stands are so cute! I wish I had a Christmass Tree Shop here!! :( I WANT SOME!!!!

  3. I want a xmas tree shop too! there aren't any in Oregon?

  4. I don't have a Christmas Tree shop, but I need those polka doteed mini cake stands!!!

  5. I've never heard of the "Christmas Tree Shop" but I'm pretty sure I would be in heaven there : )

    Fab usual : )


  6. Now I have to drive who knows how far for the cute polka dot plates!!!! Hope you had a good time on your shopping trip!

  7. Love the mini stands! I have found my next great tube pans. I made a dozen mini angel food cakes...fantastic!

  8. sorry to tease everyone with the Christmas tree shop ;o) Here's to great finds tomorrow when I am out!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

  9. Great stuff - I am off to check out that pan from Amazon!



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