Tuesday, March 15

Tips & Tricks Tuesday!

A co-worker asked me to bake a friend my favorite carrot cake for her bday (recipe here).  I wanted to do something a little special so...

(forgive my photos... it's almost 10pm here and dark!) I hate cakelet pans - I can't ever make the cake look good... so I have turned to using them with chocolate ;o)


Cakelete pan/mold
Chocolate melts
Gel coloring (optional)
Luster dust (optional)

Ok... I have peanut butter no jelly... kool-aid no sugar kind of household lol... so yellow + red = orange! make sure you get GEL food coloring - water based coloring will ruin your chocolate!

After coloring, melt your chocolate in the microwave or double boiler

Using one of the paint brushes, "paint" the green leaves (or whatever small details on your pan) and put into the freezer to harden.

Melt your next color...

Fill in with your main color.  Tip: tap slightly on the counter to bring up any air bubbles and flatten out the top... and then back to the freezer!

Take the tray out of the freezer, turn upside down and tap until they pop out!

Use coordinating luster dust to add depth to your chocolates - you will be amazed at how much it ads in person!

Ugh - so hard to tell in this bad lighting... but they really do come out cute!



  1. That's my girl! Now, lets get you some candy molds...

  2. Cute!! Now, how do you get them out of the pans though? I have some metal cakelet pans (that I also never use because it just never looks right), but I would think it would be difficult to get them out of metal?
    Oh, and you should totally get one of those Wilton Candy Melter pot thingys. Totally worth the $20 (or less if you use a coupon for Michaels or Joanns). Its so much quicker than microwave or double boiler. =)

  3. No way those are adorable!


  4. Thanks for the tutorial! I've been wanting to make chocolate molds, but never knew quite how. You've inspired me and I think I'll give it a try for my kid's Easter baskets this year. Thanks!

    ~ Kristin

  5. I still think they look fabulous. You're so talented, Kim!

  6. These look so good, I want carrot cake now, lol. Thanks for sharing,
    Dannyelle at www.lifeisaparty.ca


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