Monday, May 2

Miscellaneous Monday!

Miscellaneous Monday - gonna try a new feature - I collect so many great ideas and sometimes things don't fit in one theme, so I think Monday's I'll just throw up a few pieces of miscellaneous inspiration!

Miscellaneous Frostings!

I love this photo banner! just print out a bunch of black & white banner and glue together - I love it spilling on the the floor too! Great conversation piece at any party! Extra special for weddings, anniversaries and milestone bdays! Source

Guess what these "flowers" are!?! Bottoms of soda bottles! Strung together they look so fantastic! Source

Scrapbook paper and some ribbon can make you an instant (and inexpensive!) backdrop for any party! Source

Painted terracotta pots and saucers stacked together make a great display piece! Source and tutorial found via somedaycrafts blog



  1. LOVE the terra cotta pots and many ideas for my little one's upcoming parties. It would be cool too, with chalkboard paint!

  2. OOH I do love that runner! And the soda bottle flowers are fabulous.

  3. The soda bottles are so clever!! And I love the terra cotta pots cupcake holder. I may be making one of those!!

  4. That terra cotta idea is great! Thanks for the inspiration

  5. So glad to find your blog ... party eye candy overload! Love the miscellaneous feature =).

  6. Glad you guys don't mind my idea dump! heehee... hope you are having a great weekend!

    @ Lisa - welcome to the Frosted Family! Hope you get inspired along the way!

    hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!


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