Saturday, May 14

NASCAR & Shopping Saturday!

First Blogger bombed out for 2 days and now NASCAR is in town! That means we can't really get to all of our stores because there is race parking EVERYWHERE!... Shopping Saturday, local finds at National chains that can help you stash, is a little "light" until we can get back to shopping around here!

Having a woodland theme? These chairs and matching sleeping bags could fit right in!

Found: Target
Section: Camping
Price: $12.99

Duct tape has come so far! Damask, Zoo/Safari and Hello Kitty parties can definitely incorporate these into favors, table runners, etc.

Found: Target
Section: Tools
Price: $5.99/$3.99

Awesome 3D decals of popular parties could be just what you need to decorate! Glue a L bracket (metal piece of hardware that looks like an L ;o) to the back & they can stand up on your table!

Found: AC Moore Crafts
Section: Wall decor
Price: $14.99

...check back next week when I can get my shop on! heehee... hugs!