Tuesday, May 31

Tips & Tricks Tuesday! - Pintrest!

Hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend! We are BEAT! SOOO much yardwork to do! We also have the wedding planning in high gear! (see here for latest post on wedding blog)

So... on to tips and tricks! ... I know I have seen some of you find Pinterest already but for those that don't know another way to suck your life away and stash more things that you'll never find time to do (but GOSH aren't they fun to find?!?) you SOOO need Pinterest!

Pinterest is a place you can save pictures in different categories just by clicking "Pin It" on your web browser tool bar when you are on a website where you found something cool (after installing).  You can follow people (like me!) and look for other great ideas! PERFECT for making an inspiration board for your next event!

Here are my boards (link) - On Pinterest already? leave your Pinterest link in the comments here so others can find you!!!