Wednesday, May 4

Western Cowboy/cowgirl party ideas/inspiration

Super easy theme to appease girls and boys alike is a western/cowboy/cowgirl theme! Here are some ideas to inspire to Frost your theme...

Super amazing feast for the eyes! Have to look at the source to see all the great details in this one! Love the burlap backdrop and pieces of hay here and there! Source

How cute is this?!? Create a western scene with cardboard to make the guests feel like they are in a whole western town! Source

Use old denim pockets to create pockets on your tablecloth! Not only keeping with the theme, but dang useful too! Source

How genius are these?!? "Cactus sticks"! Pretzel rods dipped in green chocolate and coconut! Love it! Source

Speaking of cactus! HELLO?!? Amazing cactus cupcakes! Wonder if they are white sprinkles inserted by hand?! LOVE! Source

Party add on...
These western signs would help you setup the perfect saloon atmosphere! Buy here - link



  1. The cupcakes are so cute, but my favorite is the tablecloth with denim pockets. So very creative!!

  2. Wow, those cactus cupcakes are adorable! Obviously lovingly made.

  3. Thanks for sharing my cactus sticks!

  4. Hy Kim! I made beatiful horses to western party:
    I hope that you like it!

  5. I love everything! I especially thought those cactus cupcakes were very cool... I am going to have to try that out some time!

  6. Oh how cute!!! I love the cactus sticks! I have actually made those cupcakes. I loved them.

  7. I love all of your 'Western' birthday ideas! I have twins, girl/boy turning 5. We are having it at the horse barn/stable. May I ask, what is that you had with choc. w/whip cream? I wanted to do something different instead of cake/cupcakes and just go with some sort of pudding or cookies n' cream ice cream w/oreo cookies. If you do get a chance to give me that recipe, please send it to

  8. Thanks for all the feedback and luv ladies!

    Kim @ Party Frosting!

  9. i am looking to do a country/western theme for my up coming bithday in august its my sweet 16 and ilove these catcus cupcakes is there anyway someone could send me directions on how to make them ? please and thanks :)


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