Friday, June 24

4th of July ideas and inspiration: Stars

We are almost done planning what we are making for our pretend 4th of July tomorrow (since little d goes back to TX next week!).  I am so glad I talked him into the cake pops I wanted to make heehee...

here are a few ways to Frost your 4th with stars!

 Make a star filled invite for your BBQ! Source

TOTALLY genius idea you can use for any event... stencil, water, flour - AWESOME grass designs!!! Source and tutorial

I heart vertical garland! Punch/cut out stars and attach to twine or ribbon and use for a backdrop or even on an entry way.  Source

...if you are more of a cake box kind of gal - your dessert table doesn't have to suffer! Find star decorations or print off images from the internet onto hard cardstock and cut out - place cupcakes in the middle of each and no one will even question the plain looking cupcakes ;o)  Source and tutorial