Wednesday, June 8

Angel themed baby shower/party inspiration

A good friend of mine passed away this morning after a painful struggle with liver failure - she LOVED angels and had them everywhere so this post is in honor of her :o) 

...don't forget this post (here) for Frosting an angel theme too!

How sweet would it be to do up the invites or favor bags or boxes with a paper feather and some simple twine. Source

If you are into diy...Rolled up paper cones connected to two pieces of hard piece of cardboard (or something similar) and just keep adding to shape wings - totally beautiful and inexpensive! Source

...add feather angel wings to favor bags or decorations.  Source

Angel wing cookies! So fantastic! Source

Angel paper wings perfect for a favor box or stack of cookies! Source and template



  1. Sorry to hear about your friend..but what a sweet way to honor her :)

  2. A lovely way to remember sorry to hear this.

  3. Oh Kim! Im so sorry to hear about your friend. *hugs*

    These ideas are lovely, I especially love the paper cone wings. Wow.

  4. Sorry for your loss! Love this post to honor her especially the cone wings!

  5. Sorry to hear this and this is the awesome stuff.


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