Monday, June 20

Miscellaneous Monday!

Ever notice coming back from a trip you need a vacation from your vacation?! We still have bags everywhere but we are glad to be back! Here are a few miscellaneous items from my stash that don't fit in any 1 category...

 This idea is fantastic for any shaped toppers! Print out a shape from the internet and lay down a piece of wax paper over...pipe melted chocolate wafers, dry... and ta-da! Instant awesomeness! Source

Such a fun craft to do for a candy or rainbow themed party or just as a fun craft for the family! Source

Everyone asks for ideas for milestone bdays - I love the different pics of the #30 and sprinkled a baby pic! If blown up, would also make an awesome buffet backdrop! Source


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  1. It is surprisingly hard to find pictures of "30" or maybe it is just where I live. I tried to do this for my 30th birthday and I came up with 4 photos. =(
    Awesome if you have a keener eye than me! lol!


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