Tuesday, July 19

Party dessert ideas/inspiration: Box mix goes chic!

I am sitting here looking at POUNDS of zucchini from the garden and dreeammmmming of zucchini bread and too tired to make some! and talking to a bloggy bff, Sandy from Firefly Confections (check out her sweet shop - she is FANTASTIC! - here) about how to "cheat" at an event when you just run out of time! (hello!?! we are ALL busy women here!!!)... so here are a few ways to FROST your box mixes that will impress even the biggest bakers in your family!

Have brownies ever looked this good?!? Just buy a few boxes of brownie mix - top some with nuts, some with powder sugar, some plain... cut, stack pretty - and tada! Source and recipe (if you don't want to cheat ;o)

Another trick from brownies...use doilies, stencils, cutouts, lace, etc and sift powdered sugar over to create beautiful shapes that will wow your guests... no one will ever guess they were made from a box mix! Source

Whip up some lemon meringue (from mix!) and serve up with a few cookies (from premade dough!) - just use a small circle cookie cutter to "hang" from a spoon handle - so cute! Source and recipe (again, if you are feeling adventurous!)

Chocolate chip cookies never looked so inviting! Refrigerated dough into a fancy container, bake and serve with ice cream! Sign me up! Source and recipe (for non-cheaters!)