Friday, July 29

Pink party ideas/inspiration

Hope everyone had a great week! ... when a theme is hard to come by, fall back on just a color (or 3!).  If you use only 1 color - ensure that you do many variations of the color to ensure the party doesn't look too flat.  Another trick to using only one color - make sure there is tons of different textures and patterns! ... here are a few ideas to inspire you next Pink event!

Here's a great example of using different variations of the same color... Source

Make a super sweet wreath... Source and tutorial
Look for unique ways to incorporate your color... this is not only super clever, but also beautiful! Source

Little details go a long way! Slice of pink paper with adhered pearls - super cute! Source



  1. We did a pickilicious party for my girls' 3 rd and 6 th birthdays. Pink everything and, if you know the book, pink cupcakes of course! Everyone had to wear pink (even dad and brother!). All the favors were pink, in pink bags. They loved it and still talk about it a year later. Heck I loved it! They also wore pink fairy wings ,just for good measure!

  2. Awesome Melissa! I love that the boys got into it too! hugs!

    Kim @ Party Frosting!


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