Sunday, July 10

Selfish shopping Saturday...

I have been wedding dress shopping ALL weekend! WHEW! who knew it would be THIS much work!?! I am exhausted and not sure if I found THE one yet?! I am running out of time! Back out tomorrow! this weekend, it was a selfish Shopping Saturday! Promise to return the focus on you guys next week!

If you are interested in peeking in on my wedding planning journey - here is my blog here



  1. Fun Fun!!
    When you put it will KNOW!

  2. HOW EXCITING... I am going to take a peak at your wedding blog.... You WILL find the right one.... it is OUT there....

  3. That's exciting Kim! I hated wedding dress shopping - it was disappointing but once I found THE dress, it was a huge relief and I was thrilled! I really enjoyed cake shopping more ;)

  4. Can't wait to hear how today goes too!

  5. oh wow! sounds like fun..... excited for you!


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