Friday, July 22

Watermelon party ideas!

I don't know about where you guys are from but OMG it's been OVER a hundred degrees here and we are melting!!! I thought it might be refreshing to do a post about watermelon ideas!

Use a watermelon and a keg spout to setup a fun drink station! Source

Cut off top half of the watermelon, scoop out and then and fill with fruit salad - I love the extra Frosting touch of cutting off a bit of the rind around the rim! Source and tutorial
How pretty are these watermelon squares?!? They have balsamic in them - not sure if I am too scared for that! how about filling with a little fruit dip! Source

Ok, not REAL watermelon, but cake pops are still IN and these are super clever! Source found via cupcakestakethecake blog

...while we are on just looking like watermelon - this sherbert "pie" would be seriously refreshing right now! Source and recipe